Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Death Bros. on the radio (really?)

Hiya, Fleshwads!

It's us, Chuck & Ralph, The Death Bros. We've ain't written nothing in a while cause we've been busy. Real busy. We've, we....uhhhh....oh, okay. We forgot to write stuff. And then when we remembered it took us a couple few days to figure out our password. Geeeeeeshhh! How do you people stand it?

We don't got much new going on, just hanging around, trying to figure out eternity, but we wanted to tell you that we ran into (well, floated into) legendary paranormal investigator Denton Rose and he asked up to be his guests on his radio show next week (we dunno when, sometime around Christmas 2009). We don't have a radio and we don't know where you can hear the show, but we'll tell you just as soon as we find out. That's if we find out.

Yours forever,

Chuck & Ralph