Thursday, May 1, 2008

Creepy Links & Stuff

Hey Living,

It's May and we don't care. Time doesn't much matter when you've got eternity to look forward to. So we've been slogging around the web and found a few things you might want to look at. Here:

Strange stuff:

The creepiest movies ever:
The Horror Channel

The creepiest toys ever:
My Pet Zombies

You need the Links, Thoughts, Recipes & more at:
Echo Fox 3

The creepiest LP records ever:
Classic Halloween Vinyl Records on MP3s

Songs we like (play 'em, buy 'em or both):
Jonathan Coulton especially "Re: Your Brains"

More songs we like:
1% Goat
especially "Pass That Dirty Needle" (watch the video at Crappco or YouTube)

A couple of time travelers we know:
Tom And Sam Are Stuck

Gas too high? No kidding. Maybe you can save a buck or two here:
Gas Buddy

and don't forget us...ever:

Death Bros. website

Death Bros. on YouTube

We'll find some more stuff for you soon (or eventually).

Yours forever,

Chuck & Ralph

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